Research focus Sport Science department I

The research focus is on fundamental themes in sport psychology, for example, personality, progression over the course of life, motivation/volition. Other important considerations are of inter-disciplinary research areas, for example, successful ageing through sport, research into talent, sport and health, school sport and well as the development of sport clubs.

Research focus Sport Science department II

This department’s research interests fall within the field of social science often with a sport psychological approach. Research questions deal with psychosocial effects of sport activity as well as with social interaction processes in sport.

Research focus Sport Science department III

The research of this department lieis in the following fields: (1) Sport sociology: e.g. socialisation, sporting careers, the body, gender, the development of sports clubs (2) Sport management: e.g. marketing, tourism, sport development planning

Research focus Sport Science department IV

Central to the research of the department IV are fundamental aspects of motor control and motor learning. These are particularly relevant to aspects of perception – action – interaction, sequence and economy of movement, movement control over time, as well as the decline in quality through movement related focus and attention. The preferred research approach is characterised as quantitative and experimental.

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