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The Institute of Sport Science is characterised in its teaching and research by its integrative and application-oriented orientation with a focus on social and behavioural sciences. While the Bachelor's programme teaches the basics of sport science in a broad thematic way, the consecutive Master's programme in Sport Science enables specialisation in Health Promotion, Sport Management or Teaching & Learning.

In research, a problem-oriented strategy is pursued that focuses on the phenomena of sport in its entire breadth and whose implementation is supported by excellent personnel and equipment research facilities. The academic exchange in sport science is promoted by the international doctroal programme "Interdisciplinary Sport Science" and the interdisciplinary colloquium "Bernese Talks on Sport Science" ("Berner Gespräche zur Sportwissenschaft") organised by the Institute.

News and events

Welcome to ISPW!

On 1 September Martin Bührer starts his PhD position in the Department of Health Science. He will write his doctoral thesis in the field of promoting physical activity and well-being in inactive adolescents and young adults. He is working in the FEEL project, which is funded by the FOSPO (duration 2023-2026; director: PD Dr. Julia Schmid). A warm welcome!

We extend a warm welcome to Moritz Engel! He will take up his position as a doctoral student in the department of Sport Pedagogy on 1 September and will devote his doctorate to the subject area of "Sport Activity and Interoception".

On 1 September 2023, Florence Epiney will start her work in the department of Sport Sociology & Management. She recently completed her Master's degree in Psychology and will pursue a PhD project in the topic area of "Sport for people with impairments". We wish Florence a good start!


Welcome to ISPW!

After her successful application for a PhD position on the topic of "Sensory Uncertainty in Sensorimotor Control", Mathilde Truffer started her PhD in the Department of Movement and Exercise Science on 1 August 2023 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hossner and Dr. Zahno. We wish her every success and welcome her warmly to the Institute.
Also on 1 August Bernarda Letnar started her work in the Department of Physical Education. Bernarda will do her doctorate in the project "Self-regulated learning in a digital context. Conditions for success in learning and teaching" funded by the University of Bern's Digitisation Commission (cooperation project with the ASU department, Tina Hascher). We extend a warm welcome to Bernarda and wish her a good start!


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