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The Institute of Sport Science is part of the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Bern, along with the institutes of Education and Psychology. The Institute of Sport Science in Berne is characterised in teaching and research by its integrative and application-oriented approach with a focus on social and behavioral science.

In research, a problem-oriented strategy is pursued that focuses on the phenomena of sport in its entire breadth and whose implementation is supported by excellent personnel and equipment research facilities. The academic exchange in sport science is also promoted by the interdisciplinary colloquium "Bernese Talks on Sport Science" ("Berner Gespräche zur Sportwissenschaft") organised by the institute.

International Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program "Interdisciplinary Sport Science" Berne-Tübingen

Together with the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Tübingen, the doctroal program "Interdisciplinary Sport Science" was designed. This is one of the few internationally oriented doctroal programs within sport science.


News and events

Die Gewinnerinnen und Gewinner des Finales des SGS Nachwuchspreises 2023

SGS Young Investigator Award 2023

At the 14th annual conference of the Swiss Society for Sport Science (SGS) in Bern, the young talents from Bern received two awards. Claudia Kubica (3rd place) and Sofia Anzeneder (1st place) were able to prevail with their contributions in the final of the best five, in which Sarah Piller was also allowed to present. We congratulate all three of them.


A threefold welcome

A warm welcome to Dr. Johanna Korte, Marion Gasser and PD Dr. André Klostermann, who will take up their positions in the Department of Sport Pedagogy on 1 August 2022!
Johanna Korte and André Klostermann are job-sharing the lectureship "People in Digital Transformation" and now the Department of Sports Education is looking forward to a lot of digital and analogue competence! In addition, Marion Gasser starts her position as a doctoral candidate in the project "Active School" and will hopefully bring a lot of momentum to the school and to the ISPW.


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