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The Institute of Sport Science is part of the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Bern, along with the institutes of Education and Psychology. The Institute of Sport Science in Berne is characterised in teaching and research by its integrative and application-oriented approach with a focus on social and behavioral science.

In research, a problem-oriented strategy is pursued that focuses on the phenomena of sport in its entire breadth and whose implementation is supported by excellent personnel and equipment research facilities. The academic exchange in sport science is also promoted by the interdisciplinary colloquium "Bernese Talks on Sport Science" ("Berner Gespräche zur Sportwissenschaft") organised by the institute.

International Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program "Interdisciplinary Sport Science" Berne-Tübingen

Together with the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Tübingen, the doctroal program "Interdisciplinary Sport Science" was designed. This is one of the few internationally oriented doctroal programs within sport science.


News and events

A warm welcome to ISPW

On 1 August, Noora Ronkainen will start her position as Assistant Professor Tenure Track Transition in the Department of Sport Psychology and Research Methods. We warmly welcome Noora to Berne and wish her a good start.

Also on 1 August Dr. Julia Schmid starts in the department Health Science as lecturer with focus on Health Promotion. In addition, Tania Bermudez joins the team Health Science as member of scientific staff involved in the project Intervention to Promote Physical Activity for Long-Term Cardiovascular Health (iPAL). We welcome both and wish them a good start.


Graduation Daniel Schmid

On Wednesday, 30 June 2021 Daniel Schmid successfully defended his dissertation entitled "Sleep-dependent memory processes and their influence on the consolidation of motor sequencing tasks" (examination committee: Daniel Erlacher, Björn Rasch und Mirko Schmidt). We congratulate Daniel very warmly on completing his doctoral studies!