Titleimage: Institute of Sport Science

The Institute of Sport Science is part of the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Bern, along with the institutes of Education and Psychology. Sport Science in Bern is characterised by an integrated and practical-oriented approach. Both in teaching and in research particular attention is paid to the social and behavioural study of leisure, popular, therapeutic and school sports.

The ISPW offers a Bachelor study with a broad sport science orientation, and a Masters study where a specific focus on “teaching sport” or “managing sport” can be taken. 

The ISPW views sport from a social and behavioural science perspective with the following foci:

  • Development over the course of life (department I)
  • Sports pedagogy and school sports research (department II)
  • Social structures in sport (department III)
  • Control of motion and optimising motion (department IV)
  • Sports science and health research (department V)