Institute of Sport Science

Institute of Sport Science

Colloquium "Bernese Talks on Sport Science"

In order to intensify the exchange in the field of sport science, the Institute of Sport Science organises an interdisciplinary colloquium at the institute, which deals especially with social science questions of exercise and sport. The colloquium

  • offers the possibility of intra-university and especially intra-faculty exchange;
  • intensifies national and international exchange by inviting external speakers.

The colloquium will also take place in the coming fall semester 2020 on Mondays from 16:15-17:45, but only in digital form due to the current corona-related restrictions. Further detailed information on the individual events, including the respective access to the online meetings, will be sent out as reminders one week before the "Bernese Talks". If you wish to receive the reminder, please contact André Klostermann.

Lecturers and topics autumn semester 2020

Date Lecturer Title
12.10..2020 Prof. Dr. Michael Mutz Success in top-class sport as a source of national pride: Findings of a longitudinal study on the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games (Erfolg im Spitzensport als Quelle für Nationalstolz: Befunde einer Längsschnittstudie rund um Fußball-EM und Olympische Spiele)
Prof. Dr. Kimberley Lakes Understanding the impact of physical activity on executive functions: A contextual perspective
Prof. Dr. Joachim Hermsdörfer Fine motor control, anticipation and perception during object manipulation (Feinmotorische Kontrolle, Antizipation und Wahrnehmung bei Objektmanipulation)
16.11.2020 Prof. Dr. Ryan Rhodes Working title: Physical activity and Family

Prof. Dr. Achim Conzelmann, Prof. Dr. Ernst-Joachim Hossner, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Nagel, Prof. Dr. Claudio R. Nigg, Prof. Dr. Mirko Schmidt & PD Dr. André Klostermann (Organisation)