Institute of Sport Science

Institute of Sport Science

Colloquium "Bernese Talks on Sport Science"

In order to intensify the exchange in the field of sport science, the Institute of Sport Science organises an interdisciplinary colloquium at the institute, which deals especially with social science questions of exercise and sport. The colloquium is intended to

  • offer the possibility of intra-university and especially intra-faculty exchange;
  • intensify national and international exchange by inviting external speakers.

Also in the autumn semester 2021 the colloquium will take place on Mondays from 16:15-17:45. The talks will take place either in digital form or hybrid (digital and at the Centre for Sport and Sport Science - the latter with COVID certificate, mask and possibly limited capacity).  Further detailed information on the individual events, including the respective access to the online meeting, will be sent out as a reminder one week before each "Bernese Talk". If you have not yet received the reminder, please contact Christian Vater.

Lecturers and topics spring semester 2021

  Date Lecturer Title
18.10.2021 Prof. Dr. John van der Kamp Towards an ecological pedagogy for motor skill education
01.11.2021 Prof. David Lubans Addressing adolescent physical inactivity in schools: A theory informed pragmatic approach (presentation over Zoom only)
15.11.2021 Prof. Dr. Markus Lang Regulation in professional sport leagues (Regulation in professionellen Sportligen)
06.12.2021 Dr. Gareth Wiltshire Looking to philosophy of science to help guide interdisciplinary research
20.12.2021 Ágnes Kovács Goals for success: Moving on a double path for a dual career

Prof. Dr. Achim Conzelmann, Prof. Dr. Noora Ronkainen, Prof. Dr. Ernst-Joachim Hossner, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Nagel, Prof. Dr. Claudio R. Nigg, Prof. Dr. Mirko Schmidt & Dr. Christian Vater (Organisation)