Sport Sociology and Management

Teamfoto Abteilung Sportsoziologie und -management
Team Abteilung Sportsoziologie und -management

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Nagel, the department of Sport Sociology and Management deals with social science issues of sport in teaching and research. The focus lies on topics and problems of sport sociology, sport management and sport economics.


Current research foci

Organisational research

  • Development of sports clubs and sports associations
  • Management of sports providers
  • Sport development planning

Integration and inclusion in club sport

  • People with migration background
  • People with disabilities

Sports participation research

  • Structural and cultural factors of sports participation

Socialisation and life course research

  • Professional careers of graduates in sport science in Switzerland
  • Sport careers of people in the 2nd half of life

Sport management/Sport marketing

  • Innovative brand and sponsorship strategies in sport
  • Pricing policy of sport events
  • Quality management of sports leagues and clubs

Sport and tourism