Combining top-class sport with studies of sport science

The Institute of Sport Science is committed to providing top athletes with the best possible combination of sport and study.

In consultation with the students, our expert advisor at the institute level looks for possibilities to provide specific solutions for the respective person through individual actions in the course of study within the regulatory requirements.

Through flexible study planning, students should be able to count on optimal conditions for both sport and parallel studies.

Possible actions:

  • Free scheduling of the Bachelor's programme (no completion of basic studies in the first year necessary)
  • Compensation options for multiple conducted groups: Compensation in a group on a different day of the week if a sport-related absence (e.g. competition) occurs in the original group.Kompensationsmöglichkeiten bei Mehrfachführungen
  • Simplified course registration for multiple tours or seminars (condition: prior request with brief justification)
  • etc.


  • Swiss Olympic Card (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Elite or Talent National)
  • For non-Olympic sports or cadre membership in the highest national league: written confirmation from the association


For further information and details on the contact persons of the individual faculties, please visit the website Combining top-class sport with studies (Spitzensport und Studium, available only in German).