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The Institute of Sport Science is characterised in its teaching and research by its integrative and application-oriented orientation with a focus on social and behavioural sciences. While the Bachelor's programme teaches the basics of sport science in a broad thematic way, the consecutive Master's programme in Sport Science enables specialisation in Health Promotion, Sport Management or Teaching & Learning.

In research, a problem-oriented strategy is pursued that focuses on the phenomena of sport in its entire breadth and whose implementation is supported by excellent personnel and equipment research facilities. The academic exchange in sport science is promoted by the international doctroal programme "Interdisciplinary Sport Science" and the interdisciplinary colloquium "Bernese Talks on Sport Science" ("Berner Gespräche zur Sportwissenschaft") organised by the Institute.

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Achim Conzelmann bei seiner Abschiedsvorlesung.

Farewell lecture Achim Conzelmann

On the occasion of his retirement at the end of Spring Term 24, Achim Conzelmann, long-standing Director of the Institute of Sport Science and Head of the Department of Sport Psychology and Research Methods as well as former Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Vice-Rector for Development at the University of Bern and President of the Swiss Sport Science Association, gave his farewell lecture on "Problem-oriented sports science - differential development science" in front of numerous guests on 31 May 2014. Thank you, dear Achim, for everything you have achieved - and beyond!


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