Die Mitarbeitenden des ISPW im September 2023.
The staff of the Institute of Sport Science in September 2023.

The Institute of Sport Science (ISPW) is an organisational unit of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Bern. Its commitment is to teach and research the phenomenon of sport in an interdisciplinary and problem-oriented way.

The ISPW is divided into five scientific departments and the staff department and is managed by the management conference. The executive management is currently formed by Ernst-Joachim Hossner. The highest participatory body of the ISPW is the Institute Assembly, in which all employees of the Institute as well as a representation of the students participate.

The ISPW employs around 60 staff as well as around 30 external lecturers and various course instructors. The ISPW offers study programmes in the field of sport science at Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral level as well as continuing education courses with currently just under 1000 students.