Physical Activity Monitoring

Physical activity monitoring is carried out using various technical devices that assess indicators of movement activity. These technical devices record, for example, heart rate, acceleration in three-dimensional space, or the position of one or more persons using GPS.

Heart-rate (variability) measurement: Heart rate belts of different brands (e.g., Polar, Suunto, Wahoo) and six ECG and activity sensors (EcgMove 4, Movisens) record heart rate and/or the interbeat interval (in individual and group settings), which enables the analysis of heart rate variability. Data analysis can be performed using Kubios Pro.

Accelerometers: Several sensors (55 Movisens Move 4, 23 Movisens Move 3, 4 Movisens Light Move 4, 26 Actigraph GT9X Link) with associated straps and software applications (DataAnalyzer, Actilife) are available. They are worn either on the wrist or on the hip to capture accelerations in three-dimensional space.

GPS-based multi-person tracking: 30 Polar Team Pro sensors and their associated software and hardware enable GPS-based multi-person tracking in addition to measuring heart rate (variability) and acceleration in three-dimensional space.

Ambulatory assessment: Surveys and information can be transmitted via smartphone messages using MovisensXS-compatible smartphones with associated software. The combination with accelerometers enables an activity triggered ambulatory assessment.