Multimedia Technology

For research as well as multimedia support of teaching, various camera systems are available that allow video-based motion analysis as well as real-time feedback. Furthermore, professional audio and camera systems are present for multi-perspective synchronous video capture and the creation of stimulus material for research. To support the digitization of teaching, a professional video studio has also been set up at the institute.

Mobile eye-movement capture: Several binocular high-frequency eye trackers (Pupil Labs, 200 Hz) and two cameraless (MEMS sensor-based) eye trackers (AdHawk, 500 Hz) are available for mobile eye-movement detection. In addition to the manual analysis of the head-fixed scene video, an in-house developed software library for (semi-)automatic fixation and saccade detection is available.

Tablet computers: For analyses or real-time feedback (e.g. in practical sports teaching), various tablets with specialized recording and analysis software can be used. In addition to recording visual data, they facilitate the documentation and logging of performance data.

Action cameras: In addition to an underwater camera system that enables time-delayed video analysis of executed movements, a variety of action cameras (GoPro Hero 2, 4, 5, 7) with accessories (3D stereo housing, gimbal, tripods, adapters, charging logic as well as self-developed synchronization) are available for video recording in dynamic and also space-constrained situations.

Multi-camera system: Four video cameras (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K) combined with a live streaming and recording switcher and monitor (Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro ISO 4K, Lilliput A8) and four 100 m fiber-optic HDMI stage cables enable a compact recording setup for multi-perspective and time-synchronous recording of large-scale situations (e.g., on a soccer field).

360-degree cameras: Various 360-degree cameras are used to generate sports-related experimental stimuli for the Sensorimotor and Behaviour Labs. In addition to the GoPro Cube (consisting of six GoPro Hero 4 cameras), the Insta360 Titan camera allows simultaneous recording of spatial audio and video at high image and sound quality (7680x7680 px @30 fps, Ambisonics audio).

Audio Recording: Several specialized microphones (Behringer, RØDE) and a mobile 8-channel multitrack recorder (Tascam DR680) are available for high-quality audio recording. Of particular note is the NT-SF1 multichannel microphone from SoundField By RØDE, which directly records spatial sound fields in Ambisonics format.

HUM-DIY Video Studio: The «Do-it-yourself» studio of the Faculty of Human Sciences enables the simpliflied creation of semi-professional video and podcast recordings. Using a tablet, the background and cameras in the soundproof studio can be adjusted according to one’s own ideas and finally checked on the preview screen. If required, a script can be displayed on the teleprompter positioned under a camera.