Movement Diagnostics

A wide range of instruments for (ambulatory) diagnostics of human locomotor behavior is available at the institute. In addition to systems for gait diagnostics, these include in particular devices for jumping, balance and speed diagnostics. In addition to test batteries for general functional movement diagnostics, various sports simulators - also used in the context of experimental studies - allow the registration of sport-specific movement behavior.

Gait diagnostics: Two Optogait systems are available to efficiently record gait parameters (e.g., stride length, stride frequency, stance-to-swing phase ratio) on an outpatient basis. The IR-sensor-based rails can either be laid out on the floor (2 m) or mounted on a treadmill to allow longer recordings (e.g., to study gait-pattern change with raising fatigue).

Jump diagnostics: In addition to a mobile inertial sensor-based jump diagnostics system (Myotest), a Kistler Quattrojump force plate including diagnostics software is available. Squat, counter-movement and drop jumps can be used to obtain information on the degree of individual performance requirements and to document training progress.

Balance diagnostics: A mobile Kistler force plate (9960AA) with an integrated amplifier and a stabilometer (Lafayette Instruments Co.) is available to determine balance parameters, e.g. location- and frequency-related parameters of the center-of-pressure trajectory or angular trajectories of the stabilometer platform.

Speed diagnostics: IMU sensors from different manufacturers (e.g., Myon AG), a light barrier system with contact mats (TDS Werther AG), an IR light grid (SICK AG), the Witty timing system with five wireless double light barriers (Microgate) and a radar gun (Flexigun, Innolutions) enable the recording of relevant parameters of reaction and movement speed.

Functional movement diagnostics: The Y-Balance test as well as the Functional Movement Screen test battery allow efficient recording of functional parameters of the musculoskeletal system (e.g., range-of-motion while maintaining balance position).

Sport simulators: In addition to a shooting range for Olympic air rifle shooting with a ski simulator (with actuated skis and integrated force plates), a golf simulator for putts and drives, and a table tennis robot, sport-specific devices for instrumentalized and thus highly controlled sport-related test setups are available.