Health-Physiology Lab

The Health-Physiology Lab offers a wide range of performance and health physiology assessments. Apart from performance diagnostics, the inventory enables the assessment of health-related data using the latest, mainly non-invasive methods. The laboratory offers ideal conditions  to analyze the health status of different target groups. Various portable systems also enable extensive field research.

Ergometers: Both bicycle and treadmill ergometers are available in the laboratory enabling controlled exercise protocols. The bicycle ergometers from Ergoline can be individually adjusted, and the load can be precisely set in 5-watt steps. The treadmill ergometer quasar from h/p/cosmos allows a maximum speed of 25 km/h with up to an incline of 28 %.

Spiroergometry systems: The stationary system Metalyzer 3B from CORTEX is available in the laboratory for spirometric diagnostics.  O2 and CO2 values can be recorded and evaluated at rest and during exercise. The VO2-Master from VMPro, a portable VO2 measuring device, is available for field tests.

Blood-lactate diagnostics: Two measuring systems are available for recording blood lactate levels, enabling assessments in the field and the laboratory. The portable Lactate Pro 2 from Axonlab can be used in field tests. The Biosen C-Line (EKF-diagnostics) is a stationary system for accurate laboratory diagnostics.

Blood-pressure monitors: Several clinically validated Omron oscillometric blood-pressure monitors (M3 Comfort) with corresponding pre-shaped 360° Intelli Wrap cuffs allow an easy and fast assessment of peripheral blood pressure.

Pulse-wave monitors: With the Mobil-O-Graph®, the laboratory has a validated long-term blood-pressure monitor that enables comprehensive non-invasive hemodynamic analysis (central blood pressure, cardiac output, pulse wave velocity, and peripheral resistance) using the Hypertension Management Software Client-Server (HMS CS) evaluation software.

Muscle-oxygen monitor: The IDIAG Moxy muscle-oxygen monitor can be used to monitor muscle oxygenation. IDIAG Moxy uses near-infrared technology (NIRS) to provide accurate real-time relative muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) measurements.

Force-measurement systems: Various systems are available for force measurement. The BackCheck® 617 is a multi-functional system for analyzing the strength of different muscle groups. The SAEHAN DHD-3 digital hand dynamometer is used to determine grip strength. The GymAware is a linear position transducer to determine power during different movement tasks.