Several measuring instruments are available for recording various anthropometric parameters, which allow conclusions to be drawn about body composition and body mass.

Calipometry: The calipers allow to measure skinfold thickness at various points on the body and calculate a body fat value. The calipers have a calibrated spring that guarantees a constant pressure throughout the measuring range. The measuring range is 0-80 mm and guarantees a measuring accuracy of 0.2 mm.

Impedance analytics: The BIACORPUS RX 4004M is a fully digital, multi-frequency, phase-sensitive 4-channel impedance meter allowing comprehensive multi-compartment body composition analysis.

Body-fat scales: Two TANITA RD-545 body composition scales are available in the laboratory. The dual-frequency body analysis scales with a Bluetooth interface assess body mass, body-fat percentage, and muscle mass. The scale can either be operated directly or controlled via an app. The myTanita app allows the data to be exported as a pdf file.