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Multipurpose Laboratory

Titelfoto Mehrzwecklabor

Several indoor- and outdoor-equipment is available which can either be integrated into the laboratories or be applied in field tests.

Indoor equipment

Golf simulator. For the virtual projection of golf shots, a golf simulator (GSA Golf Advanced Golf Simulators LLC) is available that, by means of cameras and light barriers, records the ball's translation and rotation after the drive. From this the trajectory (shape and distance) is calculated and presented in real-time.

Rifle range. The Laserscore LS10 (SIUS) determines precision performance in air rifle and pistol shooting. By means of infrared sensors, this system acquires the (virtual) projectile's point of impact with a precision of 1/1000 mm and feeds back the information to the athlete via a monitor installed at the firing range.

Table tennis robot. The table tennis robot (Robo-Pong 2040) allows for experimentally controlled ball launches so that not only speed (max 120 km/h), direction and spin (among others, topspin and sidespin) of the ball but also launching frequency (up to 1270 balls per minute) can be manipulated.

Stick transportation stairs. Referring to Rosenbaum's vertical stick transportation task, the stick transportation stairs allow for the investigation of simple and/or sequential positioning tasks with differing precision demands. Grip height and transport movements are recorded by DV cameras and kinematographically analysed.

Stabilometer. The stabilometer (Lafayette Instruments Co.) allows for computerised recordings of spatiotemporal parameters in motor tasks in which balance has to be dynamically maintained. Adjusting tapes allow for task demand adaptations depending on differing age groups.

Outdoor equipment

Myon system. The Myon system allows by means of coin-sized transmitters the wireless communication of differing signals (EMG, acceleration and so forth; max 30 m). The very low and constant latency (16 ms) allows it's usage in real-time experiments and simplifies the synchronisation with other measuring apparatuses.

Velocimetry. Concerning velocity diagnostics and studies in which mean velocities are of interest, first, an Opto-Gait system (Microgate) that, among others, allows for gait analysis and, second, a light barrier system (TDS Werther AG) composed of two contact matts and -switches as well as five light barriers are available.

Radar gun Flexigun (Innolutions). The Flexigun is an easy to use and handy radar gun for fast and straightforward acquisitions of velocity profiles in sports (e.g., tennis, volleyball, soccer, golf and athletics). This apparatus gathers velocities between 10-170 km/h at distances up to 25 m with state-of-the-art radar technology (precision +/- 2 km/h).

Witty training timer (Microgate). This system consists of five wireless double light barriers with a radio range up to 150 m and a battery life for more than 10 hours. The precision of momentum transfer amounts to +/- 0.4 m/s.