Institute of Sport Science

Research Equipment

Electro physiology

EMG-Myon-320. The Myon-320 system wirelessly transmits EMG signals via up to 32 channels (4 kHz per channel) to a receiver that can be located at a distance up to 30 m. The EMG electrodes, connected over a short cable to a light-weight transmitter (19 g), can be fixed all over the body. In order to reduce artefacts before transmission the EMG signal gets amplified and digitised.

XLTEK Trex. The XLTEK Trex is used for polysomnographic recordings. The 28 channels provide a smooth collection of brain activity (EEG), eye movement (EOG) and myotonus (EMG). The recorded data can be processed for physiological analyses of sleep.

Somnowatch. The Somnowatch is used for somnographical recordings with one EEG channel. Moreover, body movements, sleep position and light are recorded. The analysis allows for the objective evaluation of sleep parameters (e.g., sleep latency). Based on its small size, the apparatus can very well be used in the field.