Target audience

The continuing education programme in Dance Science addresses the following target audience from the field of movement, sports, and dance:

  • Dance professionals (dancers, teachers, choreographers)
  • Artistic directors of schools, dance companies and theatres
  • Human Movement Scientists / Sport Scientists
  • Physical education teachers
  • Physiotherapists, Mensendiek-therapists, Osteopaths, Alexander-, Feldenkrais-, Spiraldynamik-, Pilates- or Gyrotonic instructors
  • Experts in the area of medicine, psychology, pedagogy and education, nutrition, biology and biomechanics

Candidates must have a degree from a University, ‚Fachhochschule‘, vocational education or equivalent as well as having proof of appropriate experience in the field of dance or another movement related field. This requirement may be waived if the candidate displays exceptional experience in the dance field.