Field of application

Graduates of the MAS/CAS in Dance Science are able to apply their knowledge in several ways:

  • They are able to improve the training and health of students, professional and amateur dancers through evidenced-based programmes that are both age and population specific.
  • They are able to collaborate in scientific research in the field of dance or sport science.
  • They are able to teach Dance Science principles in vocational dance programmes (e.g., dance or dance pedagogy).
  • They are able to advise directors of dance companies and schools/institutions on well-balanced and healthy training principles, as well as pedagogically responsible training for children, young adults and the elderly.
  • They are able to advise the leaders of senior care facilities on the implementation of dance training for the elderly that can improve their quality of life.
  • They are able to continue working professional as better-informed dancers, dance teachers or therapists.