Master (MSc) in Sport Science

The Master's programme follows on from a BSc in Sport Science, or an equivalent study. The programme augments the social and behavioural study with the focus on ‘teaching sport and ‘managing sport’. An integrated teaching approach includes subjects in sport pedagogy, movement and training.
The Master's programme is taken over 4 semesters and is completed with a written Master's thesis. The programme is taken as a dual subject Master, which facilitates the development of individual profiles. Sport Science can be taken as a major (90 credit points) or as a minor (30 credit points).

All courses are taught in German.

The integrated Master's study programme in Sport Science offers the study of central compulsory courses, and then the choice of variety of in-depth seminars. This structure enables the students to develop their own study profile according to their interest and professional aims. Certain lecture and subject combinations are recommended for the most important professional areas.