Sport Science department IV

Teamfoto Abteilung Sportwissenschaft IV
Team Abteilung Sportwissenschaft IV

Head of department:
Prof. Dr. Ernst-Joachim Hossner

Department secretary:
Barbara Oesch +41 (0)31 631 51 70

Bremgartenstrasse 145, 3012 Berne, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)31 631 51 70
Fax +41 (0)31 631 51 69

The movement and exercise science department engages with teaching and research of the control and optimising of sport movement through consideration of biomechanics, sport motoric, sport biology and the science of training. The focus is on the internal physical aspects of control, rather than the external aspects of visible systems of motion. Fundamental methodological and theoretical approaches to the science of movement and training are also considered. Further responsibilities are the support of internships and implementation of aptitude tests.