The research of the Department of Sport Science III is in the following fields:
(1) Sport sociology: e.g. socialisation, sporting careers, the body, gender, the development of sports clubs
(2) Sport management: e.g. marketing, tourism, sport development planning


Current research foci

Socialisation and life course research:

  • Sports careers of people in the second half of life
  • Professions of the graduates of sport science in Switzerland

Sociology of the body and movement culture:

  • The deviant body
  • Bodies in cultural conflicts

Socio-cultural development of sport and dance:

  • Scenes in trend sports (e.g. snowboarding)
  • Concepts of dance culture

Organisational research:

  • Development of sports clubs and associations
  • Management and marketing of sports providers
  • Sport development planning

Sport and tourism:

  • The effect of climate change on mountain sports


Current research projects

  • Integration of people with migration background into sport clubs
  • Social inclusion and volunteering in sports clubs in Europe - SIVSCE
  • Professionalization of sports federations in Switzerland: Origins, forms and consequences
  • Structural and cultural factors of sport participation of youths and young adults


Completed research projects

  • BASIS Future - Careers of graduates of sports science in Switzerland
  • More volunteers in sport clubs
  • The Body in Cultural Conflict: Swimming as an integration measure for women with a migration background. Negotiating worth and norms in the field of sport
  • Optimising the contribution practice of sports funds in Canton Bern
  • Conditions an barriers of employees to participation in the University sports program
  • Personnel resources in sports clubs
  • Sport biographies of women
  • BASIS - Careers of graduates of sports science in Switzerland
  • The future of TV Länggasse - Sport club development
  • Youth work in the WLSB clubs
  • Data collection for the German Gymnastics Federation