This department’s research interests fall within the field of social science often with a sport psychological approach. Research questions deal with psychosocial effects of sport activity as well as with social interaction processes in sport.

Current projects

  • Compilation of sport interests in youth
  • Validation of a German version of the Mental Toughness Inventory
  • Significance of selected personality traits in elite sport success and in life after elite sport participation
  • Anorexic disorders and sport practice 1 (TAPS-1). “Sport in the service of slimness”
  • Effects of sport activity on first-year students’ academic performance – Mental toughness and time management as mediators

Completed Research Projects

  • FCB-Fan Survey Project
  • The function of sport as a protective factor against social anxiety and/or phobia in children
  • Psychological effects of sport as moderators of violent behavior in youth
  • Evaluation of the Football for Hope (FfH) activities of FIFA
  • Evaluation of the Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) activities for EURO 2008